Airboat Tours Reviews of south Florida Everglades city Florida.

***CAUTION*** Travelers of you on vacation please be careful and check the Tourist attraction you have chosen. The tourist attractions as with all things have business that are not on the up and up. You should check the business you pick as much by reputation as price. Check Tripadvisor or same type reviews for good places. Many places in the airboat tours have bad reviews for good reason. Bad rides and wrecks witch have hurt many persons in the last few years. Lots of these company’s on the edge of going out of business do discount rides with hand held sign’s on the side of the roads. Be carefull and have safe stay in the south of Florida and Everglades city Florida.



  1. I had a wonderful time when I took a tour with Everglades Private Airboat Tours last week! I got to see alligators, rosette spoonbills, learn about how salt water replaces fresh water, and get a basic idea of what the Everglades’ ecosystem is like. My guide was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable about the wildlife and ecosystem, and the staff here took care of my reservation very well. If you are going to take an airboat tour in Southwest Florida, this is the one to take!

  2. There is a new Travel site for everglades city fl out . Has lots of history and facts about Everglades city. Gives info for restaurants, hotels, national parks, and lots more

  3. Captain Dougs airboat tours says

    Captain Dougs airboat tours & Everglades island airboat tours fight it out with passengers on boat. Very dangerous for customers on vacation. Read @

    • Had a great ride on an airboat tour in everglades city with . Saw lot’s of birds ,some alligators close up to the boat. My kid thought this the greatest but my wife jo thought it was to close . The best was capt mark who explained all about the everglades showed us the saw grass and made a fast run home. david Ga

  4. Hi airboaters found some new sites about airboats. great site about boats and many topics. Alumitech airboats has a good blog going also @ . one other place was lots of other boat sites. jon

  5. paul @ fl walton beach says

    Looking for the best airboat rides in the everglades city area . we will be in naples fl on 8-7-2012 . some of my friends have great rides and some bad. would like to ride in the grass and see gators. thanks paul

  6. Hi people the family and i went on a airboat monday had agreat time. Our waiter at lunch sugested Everglades private airboat tours a local owned bussines on a private property swamp. This was the right choice for our family saw lots of gators at every corner on the ride birds out in the open areas and ponds. Our guide was local [ capt duane] with lots of info about the everglades and the local familys. This is a must do if you head to florida everglades. This ride can be found on tripadvisor or we found on


      The airboat tours

      My family and I were interested in an airboat ride through the Everglades. While searching the Internet we read that there have been many accidents in Everglades City, including a Captain getting his hand bitten off by an alligator while on a tour. Uncertain whether to even attempt a tour we decided to give it a try. We booked a tour in Everglades City and learned very quickly that it was unsafe. The tour took us in a river behind houses and only went fast for less than 20 minutes of our supposed one hour tour. There were so many boats going past that we couldn’t even enjoy it! While at the boardwalk another family was talking about the awesome ride they had on US 41. My wife talked me into taking another tour for the kids to see alligators. Still uncertain we picked a little wood shack over the swamp. We had a great time saw lots of birds, alligators and learned about the Everglades. We highly recommend a tour through the grass swamps!!

      John P.

  7. Many tours to chose from. Some large companies that are out for your money, some small family ran business that take pride in giving you the tour of your life. Do your homework and check out safty ratings, quality of boats, and if or how many ACCIDENTS they have had. Airboats are fun, but in the wrong hands can get you hurt. Good luck and have a great time. Please blog about your tour. Check these people out

  8. Barrelhead says

    Their are many kinds of Airboat tours in the everglades area. Rides up and down a river behind peoples homes in e
    Everglades city or rides in the swamp lands of the Everglades out on us 41. Everglades city is a salt water enviroment not good to see the wild life or gators. The us 41 area is a fresh water ecosystem full of gators , birds and other wildlife. Please fill free to leave coments disscuss pros cons, the good rides, bad rides, danger of indivual companys, bad captians. This is a free space to express your mind.